Echoes And Whispers

Echoes And Whispers

Echoes And Whispers

Digital Maxi Single
Released in 2007

  1. Shirakava Echo
  2. Caravan
  3. Echoes And Whispers
[Caution] Selling only “Shirakava Echo” in Apple Music & Amazon MP3

Digital Single. Delicate Ambient Soundscapes that made of Jake’s guitar only.
Multi-layered sound structures on improvisational basic tracks.

This album ranked in #2 of the chart of Listen Japan at released in 2007.
“Caravan” & “Echoes And Whispers” were remixed by liquid weeld as the electronica unit in 2010.

Then 2012, “Shirakava Echo” was provided the soundtrack to a movie presented by “ARC’TERYX” as an outdoor brand.


All Guitar Tracks
Mix & Mastering
Yuji Sugiyama
Sayaka Sekiguchi

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